After All These Years

by Galleries

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A collation of 6 tracks written over the last couple of years. An outlet for emotion and empathy.


released March 19, 2017

Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Nicholas Page (From Dust Studios)
Cover design by Blake Curby
A Fool's Happiness co-written by Alexis Sellies



all rights reserved


Galleries Sydney, Australia

"Write from the heart, play from the soul"

Galleries HC


Keepers of the feels, an outlet for emotion and empathy.


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Track Name: Invested
All that I've got
I give it to you
All that I was
Went away with you
All that I am
Is because of you
All I will do
It's all for you

Protect yourself
Protect yourself from
Protect yourself
Protect yourself from
Track Name: Long Nights in Empty Beds
Waking to my own thoughts and the sheets still untucked.
I slept alone on my side of the bed
I reached across to try and feel you there
But it was cold and the blankets were left
With the creases that your body formed on them


It's getting harder and harder just to stand on two feet.
My hands are sore and my bones
My bones are weak
Weighing down on me
I can feel my spine
Begin to bend and break
Like the ocean tide
Wave after wave will come
Dragging me back to where I started from

I wrote myself a note
To never let you down
And all I did was fall
Under a weighted crown
I built my towers high
And my foundations deep
I couldn't take your hand
I couldn't fucking reach

(I couldn't fucking reach)

I had to let you go to find your happiness
I had to let you go and hope that you'd come back.
Track Name: Immaculate
I trusted every word you said
As they slithered off your tongue
You're a snake and a cheat
And I'd rather see
Drowning in your own blood.
I knew that there was venom
Running through your veins.
I never expected to be bitten
By your fangs.

I see you for who you truly are
No spine or heart.
You were taking everything I said.
Twisting it
Turning it
Back on me
To suit your own
Selfish needs

And I'm happy with he way things played out
Cause I'm moving on without you now

I hope your final days
Are filled with so much pain.
I hope
You outlive
You hold dear
That's all
You deserve.
That's more
Than you're worth
All you ever did was weigh me down
Your negativity will hold you back
You are
Your own worst enemy

I'm not gonna say
That I hate you
Cause I'm passed that stage
I have no respect left for you at all
That's never gonna change
Track Name: The Disconnect
I thought you were indestructible
At the breaking point
You've seen it all

And I'll plead with you
Don't go
I need you
(I need you)
To stay
I need you
(I need you)
To show me
To help me through this
Sometimes I still need your guidance
When I can't see where the light is
And I know you've got your own problems
The world's on top of your shoulders
Death has got his eyes
Firmly fixed on you
But you keep on fighting
For the ones you love
You're only just surviving.

Mother I'm sorry
Sorry I left you
With all of the problems that I've stumbled into
And father
I'm sorry
I can't say I loved you
After all we went through
There's nothing I cling to
We didn't ever see eye to eye
And shit
When I needed you,
You weren't by my side
For so many years
I neglected, despised and rejected
But some things that you did
Will be remembered
But I let go
When you're gone
I know
You'll be gone

I thought
I thought
I thought
That you were indestructible

I know
When you're gone,
You'll be gone
Track Name: Hunting Home
I see the whip of lightning
As it breaks across the sky
And I hear the roar of thunder
As it rolls in to the night

I feel the rain fall on my face

The storm takes me away
To a place that meant something to me
To the place I once called home
When I was young with nowhere else to go

Take me back to winters
To the coldest days I remember
And even colder nights

Snow falls
Landing on the old stones
That litter the sidewalk
The trees have turned from green to white
In the beauty of
This winters night
Take me away
Take me away

Never again
Will I call that place home
I turned my back
I walked away
I left there long ago

I'm a soulless man
Who was born to roam
I have winter blood
Soaking my bitter bones
The cold of the night feels so familiar to me
It has my love
It has my body
I have winter blood
Track Name: Different Worlds
I sold my soul for you
I couldn't wait

They tell me
Time heals all wounds
But what if I don't want it to
I'd rather drown myself
In my own memories
The worst part of
All of this is
I spent too much time
In my own head
And you won't hear me
Calling out for help
Cause I've fallen deep into my own hell

What we thought would last forever
Has now fallen apart
All the time we shared together
Keeps me awake after dark

You took it
You crushed it and now
You can keep it
What can I do with a heart that's not beating?

I'll take this out on myself
For what I put you through
I sold my soul for you
I sold my soul for you

This is the end of us.